Webinar series: accommodations in the digital age

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Featured event

The role of AI in education: striking the balance between assistance and independence

In this session, we explored how to find a balance between AI assistance to enhance learning whilst still encouraging the importance of independent learning.

December 5th 2023, 12pm ET

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Past events

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How captions can be necessary for some, but boost learning for all

In this upcoming webinar, we'll dive into how captions support more effective note taking, boost engagement, and increase accessibility for everyone.

November 8th 2023, 1pm ET

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Transforming YouTube into a powerful study tool with interactive notes

See how an innovative approach, harnessing the collaborative power of video & interactive notes engages students & supports learning on their terms.

October 25th 2023, 12pm ET

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Accommodations in the digital age


Over the past 4 years, the accommodations landscape has changed dramatically.

There’s an increased need for Disability Services to supply accommodations that work in virtual environments, a huge rise in the provision of captioning on campus, and over the past year an increase of AI features in products - all of which can lead to increased pressures on your department due to budget constraints, student expectations, and faculty pushback.

The new digital age is upon us - how can Disability Services departments navigate it well? Join us for this series of webinars where we’ll discuss recent learning science research and hear the experiences and perspectives of Disability Services Directors.