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Unleash your potential with great notes...

They now take great notes with Glean

Record everything - no need to write extensive notes. 

Add reactions to mark the parts you want to listen back to.

Import slides next to your audio.

Review the key moments and write your notes in your own time.

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Take structured audio notes with Glean, the web app for stress-free note taking. 

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But note taking is distracting.

You can take reams of notes just in case something’s important. But miss out on engaging in a discussion.

Or you can focus on active listening and ask questions. But don’t get down the information you need for later.

You use notes to capture value from spoken information.

  • A simple, clean interface lets you focus on what matters with no distractions...
  • … and structures your notes clearly to help you review

Stress-free experience

  • No Wifi? No problem. Glean is designed to work both on and offline
  • When you have a connection, Glean syncs your notes to the Cloud, to be accessed from any device

Accessible, everywhere

Like you, others face this Note Taker’s Dilemma...

It’s the new web app that helps you take meaningful notes.


And it works...

"I took no notes and I was just engaging in class constantly asking lots of questions, hoping whatever I’d absorbed would stick, or I would take a bunch of notes but still wouldn’t retain any information."

Sydnie, Student at New York University

"Glean has been one of the few things that’s really worked and really helped me capture information and at the same time figure out who I am as a learner. It’s taught me how to take notes and how I want to take notes."

Samantha, Ed.M candidate at Harvard GSE

We’re offering you the chance to pilot Glean for free. For the rest of the semester, your students can benefit from distraction-free note taking.

And from what we’ve heard from institutions currently piloting Glean, it’s helping departments realize their goals of reducing or eliminating peer notes.

To talk to us about Glean and the free pilot program, follow the link below to set up a call with a member of our team. We’d love to hear from you! 

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Glean application shown live on google chrome