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The pandemic has vastly changed the provision of education and introduced a number of new challenges for supporting students with disabilities.

Take compliance; ADA federal lawsuits against colleges increased by 1750% in 2020 compared to 2019 according to AudioEye. Put simply, the difficulties of securing and managing peer note takers, exacerbated by online and blended learning, leave you wide open to compliance issues despite all the hard work of your department.

In response to this changing environment, we’re launching Glean for Education.

Hundreds of colleges and universities are already using Glean to overcome the problems of peer note takers and provide an effective, equitable note taking accommodation. Glean for Education goes further. With licencing designed to allow you to roll the tool out across your whole department you can cover all your notetaking requests without complication or delay.

Plus, Glean for Education includes additional training and support from the Glean team to ensure you’re set up and provide a success program tailored individually to your institution.

It’s time to modernize how we provide accommodations and ensure success for all students.

What we’ll cover:


Introducing Glean for Education: Compliance without complication


Our next webinar: April 15th, 1:00 pm EST  

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What will we be discussing?

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Hosts & Speakers

Isabel McCombie

Customer Solutions Executive

Louis Casimir-Cohn

Senior Customer Success Account Manager

  • Why provided notes aren’t working in 2021, and how eliminating your reliance on them will save your department time and money and improve compliance.
  • How Glean for Education's new licence model ensures you can accommodate all provision requests and reduce your compliance vulnerabilities. 
  • How we will support staff and students adopting technology and improving learning outcomes.

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