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Glean is made by Sonocent.

Have you heard about Glean? It’s the new note taking solution used by hundreds of colleges across North America.

The need for a wholesale shift to online and now blended learning means that the status quo in note taking support needs to adapt for you and your students. 

Our note taking web and mobile app is designed to improve student outcomes and compliance. Glean empowers students with a simple note taking process that helps them capture, review, organize and use information effectively so they can overcome common barriers to in-person, blended or online learning environments.

If you want to improve students’ access to class, join us to hear how Missouri State University went about implementing Glean and the success it brought their students.

What to expect:

  • Review of the latest note taking research 

  • Discussion with Missouri State University about their success with Glean

  • Feedback from students

  • Demonstration of Glean and Glean Admin. 


It’s time to improve note taking accommodations:
Introducing Glean, the simpler and smarter solution


Our next webinar: October 27th, 3:30pm EST  

With Missouri State University

Want the latest news and info’ on blended learning?

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What will we be discussing?

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Hosts & Speakers

Charles Hague

Demand Generation Lead

Ben Wright

Customer Solutions Lead

Missouri State University

Twon Madison