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Enquire about Glean today and give yourself more time and less stress this Spring.


Spend 30 minutes now for a big return in Spring

We can get your set up and ready to go in time for Spring, saving you valuable calendar space when students return. Plus, you’ll benefit from…

Glean Admin’s simplified dashboard lets you invite students, monitor usage and reassign licenses with a few clicks

Effortless Onboarding

No training required

Glean’s intuitive design allows students to get up and running within 5 minutes, saving you time on training and oversight.

Independent note taking

By empowering students to take their own notes effectively, Glean helps you ease the admin burden of more traditional accommodations.

Flexible start date

Your free trial starts at a time to suit you, giving you the space you need to make the most of your 30 days

Improve student outcomes and compliance with Glean 

Glean is a simpler and smarter solution for you and your students

Web Browser & App

  • Students can take notes on any device, with or without internet connection. 
  • You see cost-savings and don’t have to maintain hardware.

In-person or online

  • Students can record and engage with live and recorded content.
  • You get data insight and resources to provide support remotely or in-person.

Manage easily

  • Students receive an invitation to Glean from your trusted email.
  • You can streamline admin with bulk invites through Glean Admin.

Quick Student onboarding

  • Students say they learn how to use Glean in less than 5 minutes.
  • You can rely on our in-built training resources to support students.

Independent note taking

  • Students of any ability can tailor Glean to their needs.
  • You can help develop students’ note taking skills and confidence.

Monitor and support

  • Any student can benefit from Glean with transferrable seats.
  • You can use real-time usage data to intervene and offer support.

Why Glean?

Glean might be the new accommodation on the block, but it’s already been used extensively. 

190,000+ students invited to Glean 

1,000+  Disability Service Professionals recommending Glean 

170+ Institutions offering Glean to students


You’ll be in good company

Here are just some of the institutions already using Glean to improve their note taking support.

Want to try Glean risk free? 
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Trial Kick off Session

Set a measure of success and plan your trial with the Glean Team.

Note Taking Classroom

Ask us to demonstrate helpful study strategies to students using Glean.

Student feedback

Collect focused feedback from students to build a business case.

Trial review

Explore your options for providing Glean at your institution.

Chris’ Glean Story

“Glean has made online learning easier. There’s more accountability for your own learning with online courses and far more distractions. But Glean helps me focus when taking notes.”

Student Testimonial 


Getting started only takes 30 minutes

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