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Want a note taking accommodation that improves student independence, saves money and reduces admin? 

Glean is made by Sonocent.

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Challenging to administer

Unreliable and of variable quality


Traditional note taking accommodations are...

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"What’s great about a software like Glean is that our students can be independent. It also increases their self-efficacy because they are becoming better note takers."

Amanda Rodino, Assistant Director for Access Services and Adaptive Technology, University of Memphis

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Glean is the web-app that helps you provide better note taking support for your students.

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"Glean has been one of the few things that's really worked and really helped me capture information and at the same time figure out who I am as a learner. It's taught me how to take notes and how I want to take notes"

Samantha, Ed.M candidate at Harvard GSE

How does Glean work?

Capture audio, text and slides in one place

Review key points easily in your own time 

Highlight points instantly with 'Quick Labels'

Works online or offline 

Trial Glean for free for 30 days and access dedicated support to help you and your students get set up for success.

But it doesn't have to be like that

Reduced costs and admin 

Improved outcomes for students

Greater student independence

The reduced complexity of administering note taking support saves you time and money while improving compliance.

Users of Glean generally experience an increase in their GPA, decreasing their risk of entering academic probation and improving retention.

Students reduce their learning anxiety and gain greater confidence in their abilities, helping them achieve their potential.

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We create note taking solutions that students and admins across North America love. 

Here's why...

Support in-person or online learning

Glean allows students to record and engage from live or recorded content without distractions.

Plus, they are unable to cater for different learning environments,
meaning providing equal access with online learning can introduce new challenges for support.

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