What devices can I use Glean on?

Glean works on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks that are running the Chrome web browser. Glean Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

Is Glean accessible?

Accessibility is at the heart of Glean. However, accessibility is always a work in progress. This involves consulting with external accessibility consultants as well as seeking feedback directly from users with disabilities.

What happens if I go offline while using Glean?

As long as a user is logged in ALL functionality remains available to the user offline. The user remains logged in for 30 days unless they manually log out.

Does Glean turn my audio into text?

At Glean, we do not believe that a full transcript is the answer to our note taking needs. Not all of the key information you will want to capture is necessarily spoken - it could be your own thoughts and ideas too. In the future we would like to partner with services that could offer this functionality, but for the time being our focus is on creating a better, distraction-free, note taking experience.

How do I sign up for Glean?

 You can sign up to Glean on our website. Currently over 250 colleges are using Glean!

How much does Glean cost?

The Glean cost is $12/month (tax inclusive) in the US and £10/month (VAT inclusive) in the UK for individual access to Glean. If you’re interested in providing Glean to students in your institution, then you can find out more about cost by contacting us here.

How do I learn how to use Glean?

Glean has inbuilt training and help but you can also access our support area here.

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